The Harwood Arms – Fulham, London, UK

My friend from school, Caroline, (who I have known since I was about 10 years old) came to visit London for work and so we decide to go for brunch. She was recommended The Harwood Arms in Fulham by a friend of hers and so we went.

It is a quiet, bright, airy pub with a friendly vibe. Great for a catch up with friends since you are able to properly hear each other without music blaring in the background.

We wanted everything on the menu, but decided to get three starters to share and then our own main each.

The mini wood pigeon sausages with prunes which went surprisingly well together.
The whipped chicken liver with crispy skin which was so smooth and creamy.
The black pudding scotch egg was lovely and the yolk was still a little runny.
Monk fish tail with white bean broth
Roast lamb with broccoli and goat curd
Roast duck breast with potato galette and wild mushrooms

We then ordered a main each. I went for the monk fish, Caroline the lamb and her friend the duck. It also came with a side of the creamiest, richest mashed potatoes to share.

Everything was cooked to perfection and you could tell the food was properly cared for and looked after while it was being prepared. It was well priced and the service was great. I cannot fault anything. Try it for yourself.

Creamy mashed potatoes


The Hill – Haverstock Hill, London

Jack and I had a Saturday day out at the London Zoo recently which was so lovely. We fed a Giraffe, had Monkeys and Lemurs jumping around us and over our heads, and we were faced up close with a Pygmy Hippo and a big Silverback Gorilla. It was really interactive compared to how I remembered the zoo to be.

After the zoo we took a stroll to the top of Primrose Hill and took in the gorgeous view, before we headed off for dinner at The Hill in Haverstock Hill.

It is a gorgeously traditional British pub with old vintage furniture and fireplaces, but as it was a nice day, we sat at a table outside for drinks and dinner.
IMG-20150718-WA0025We both got the Hanger Steak with came with fries (£17 each) and shared a side of Caesar Salad (£3.5). The steak was beautifully cooked and very tender and the fries were still hot and crunchy and the salad crisp. The food was really good and I really liked the location, the service, and the vintage interior.

A must try if you are in the area.

The Freemason’s Arms – Wiswell, Lancashire, UK



It was Jack’s Grandma’s birthday recently and as they live up in Lancashire (and it was a birthday to celebrate), she chose a lovely gastropub called The Freemason’s Arms in Wiswell for a Birthday Sunday Lunch with the family.

From the moment we stepped out the car and walked up to the pub that was tucked away on a quaint little street, I warmed to it straight away. As the sun was out, we sat outside for a drink before we went in to choose from their interesting Sunday Lunch menu.20150816_142612


IMG-20150823-WA0043Inside was cozy and decorated in a very old traditional British Pub style – with fox heads and stag heads, oil paintings, fire places and antique-looking dark wood furniture.

They brought us some bread, still fresh and warm from the oven. One was quite fluffy and made with herbs and olive oil and the other was more of a seeded rustic chewy bread loaf. Both was so good that I couldn’t help myself but eat them.


IMG-20150823-WA0016For starters everyone had the cod except for Jack and his Granddad who had the pea soup.

The pea soup was so green under the cheese fondue. It had bits still which made it taste very rustic and freshly made. The fondue over the top gave the soup a little bit of an extra creaminess to it.

The cod came served on top of some very sweet melon with a slice of Iberica ham placed on the top of it all. The waitresses then came back around with some little see-through glass teapots with the broth of the ham which they poured over the top of it. Who would have thought that all these flavours would have married up so well together? But they did! With the smokiness of the ham and the sweetness of the melon together with the subtle flavoured fish – it was delicious.IMG-20150823-WA0015


IMG-20150823-WA0025For the mains everyone ordered the Aged Beef except for Jack’s Granddad who ordered the Organic Duck (what a rebel). I didn’t try the duck but it came very well presented. The duck looked very tender and with the Hong Kong twist of Pak Choi and XO Broth, I’m sure it tasted delicious.

The sirloin beef was cooked perfectly (still pink in the middle) and it came with lots of goodies as the trimmings. There were green beans and carrots (which weren’t soggy and still had a crunch), carrot puree (which added a little sweetness to the dish), mashed potatoes (extremely smooth and creamy like a puree), roast potatoes and a large yorkshire pudding (which were both perfectly crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside) – plus it also came with a side of cauliflower and cheese for everyone to share. I was very impressed.










As you know, I don’t have a sweet tooth, so I chose the cheese for my third course. The board of 7 Lancashire cheeses came with a menu of all the cheeses on the board in order, a palette cleanser of what tasted like apple juice, a variety of crackers and bread, raspberry jam, syrup apricots and grapes. It was a delightful experience to try them all.

Everyone else had the Sticky Toffee pudding which, although I didn’t try any, I was told it tasted amazing. IMG-20150823-WA0042Patron Chef Steven Smith has created a Sunday Lunch menu has a modern twist to it which was absolutely divine and partnered with the quaint traditional British pub atmosphere and fine dining service, you can definitely understand why it has won numerous awards. A must try if you can!IMG-20150823-WA0028

The Great Roast Dinner #4: The Fox and Anchor – Farringdon, London

There is something about a Sunday pub roast that reminds me of my university days. Perhaps its the days when dining rooms and living rooms were converted into bedrooms and when eating at the local pub on Sunday with a big group of friends was a lot more comfortable than eating on our laps.

Sian is visiting from Dubai at the moment and she’s been missing a good old English roast dinner, so last Sunday we went for one.


We initially decided to go to The Red Cow for our Sunday Roast, as we had heard that it was one of the best roasts in London, but they did not have any tables (so next time we shall be booking beforehand!) and recommended for us to go to The Fox and Anchor just around the corner.



We all ordered the scotch rib of beef which came with duck fat roast potatoes, green beans, roasted carrots, and a large yorkshire pudding with a dollop of horseradish cream on the top (£15.50 each).

The beef was very rare, which lucky for me, is just the way I like it. However, I did consider the fact that some people might not like it that way… and what would they do?

The yorkshire pudding was delicious and I smothered it with gravy, let it soak for a bit, before eating it all up! The carrots and beans were lovely and sweet and although I didn’t have any, Sian said that the potatoes were really good.

All in all it was a nice meal. No frills, nothing fancy, but it definitely did the job!

The Mayflower Pub – Rotherhithe Village

The best thing after a night out painting the town red, is a late lunch of a large portion of pub comfort food with some good friends.

This particular day, Jean, Chris, a couple friends and I went to The Mayflower Pub, which they recently discovered. It is tucked away off the cobbled roads of Rotherhithe Village and has a very warm and homely feel to it. It has claimed to be the oldest pub on the River Thames and definitely looks like it has a lot of history. There is an large open stone fireplace that is constantly burning wood in the winter season, a grand moose head on one of the walls, and grand french doors that open up to the large decking area right on the river. They even provide hot water bottles and blankets for the winter!

As well as atmosphere, the food is also great. They have an everyday menu and then a specials board which is constantly changing. Its the perfect pub grub with a touch of je ne sais quoi.

I could have eaten everything on the menu. Chris highly recommended the sausage and mash, so that’s what I ordered.

The Mayflower Pub - Rotherhithe Village

It came with steamed vegetables at the bottom, covered with mashed potatoes, and topped with a slice of black pudding, and three juicy, well seasoned pork sausages. All of it covered in an onion gravy.

After a little break from the very large portions, we ended the meal with a cheese board. They have a good selection of British cheeses and it was a social way to end the meal as we tried them all.
It is well priced at £8 a main meal on average.