Dora Ma’s Family Recipe for Chinese Pork Dumplings

The girls and I decided to do a home cooked meal for our Chinese New Year dinner. We cooked Kung Pao Chicken, Beef in Oyster Sauce, a mixed vegetable dish, white rice and some pork dumplings. The pork dumplings are Dora’s family’s recipe and were absolutely delicious, so I thought I would share the recipe with you all.

Dumpling mixture:

  • pork mince (fatty is tastier!) – about 750g
  • 2 eggs spring onion ginger (finely chopped)
  • dry or fresh shrimp
  • some kind of vegetable: usually Chinese leaf OR Chinese chive OR green beans (Note when using Chinese leaf, you need chopped it finely, add about 2 teaspoon of salt for one whole plant of Chinese leaf, leave it for a bit and water will ooze out. Pour the water out and put the Chinese leaves into a tea towel or any thin piece of fabric and squeeze the rest of the water out! This makes the vegetable crunchy and so the water doesn’t come out when you mix it into the mixture)
  • dark soy sauce – 4 tablespoon
  • light soy sauce – 2 tablespoon
  • sesame oil



    1. Mix the pork mince with dark and light soy sauce, stirring only in one direction
    2. Add eggs – if the mixture becomes to stiff you can add a little water just to make it easier to stir
    3. Add spring onions, ginger, shrimp, sesame oil
    4. And lastly the vegetable of choice


Dumpling skins:

Literally just mix flour with water together and knead. Leave the dough covered (in a pan or something) for at least an hour before making the skins. Use warm water if you’re short of time.




Cut the dough into small balls and roll out into a small circle the fill with the filling mixture then dip your finger in water and stick the sides together.

Pop the dumplings into boiling hot water and cook for 4 minutes and voila! They are ready to eat!





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