Hummus Bros – Soho, London

Hummus Bros are based in Soho, but I am very lucky and they come to our office canteen once a week (thank you Hummus Bros!). The line is always huge but it is definitely worth it and it moves very quickly.

There are lots of options you can get in your bowl of hummus – two choices of meat options (£5.50) and a veggie option (£4.50) plus the extra little bits like tzaziki and guacomole, etc. I always go for the veggie option, just because for me, the hummus is already quite filling so I don’t need meat as well.



I always get the small bowl of hummus with guacomole, grilled aubergine, chopped fresh cabbage, chili sauce and a bit of the greek salad. This week though, I got a falafel as well. Their falafel is freshly made and crispy on the outside and warm and soft of the inside. It all tastes gorgeous together with lots of different textures – crunchy and soft.

I definitely recommend for a delicious and healthy lunchtime treat – served with warm pitta or carrot sticks.


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