Jom Makan – Westfields Stratford, London

One Saturday morning, Astrid and I decided on a girly day out shopping in Westfields, Stratford. As we live on the same street (amazing!), Astrid and I made our way there together on the train from Liverpool Street Station.

Mid-shopping/cat-walking/trying on clothes/contemplating buying things we never even knew we needed; we decided to give our little feet a break and get away from all the people.

The “Loft” is a good place to do this in Stratford’s Westfields manic weekend hustle and bustle. There are a handful of restaurants up there and its fairly quiet.

We stumbled upon Jom Makan, a Malaysian restaurant, and decided that we missed Asian food, so we went in and grabbed a seat. It was quite quiet so it was a good place for us to have a good old catch up away from the noisiness downstairs.

The food took quite a while to come, but we chatted away and had the whole day to ourselves, so we weren’t in a rush.


We decided to share a roti canai (which is a type of bread, made in a pancake form) with a beef curry. The roti was nice and the curry had some great flavours, but was a little bit too oily for my liking, so I wouldn’t recommend this. In fact I felt a little bit sick after trying a bit of it and couldn’t really eat the rest.


We also shared a chicken and prawn laksa (which is a spicy, coconut milk soup), which was absolutely delicious and we ended up dipping the roti canai into the soup (and eventually wiping the bowl clean).

Astrid had a cold fruit drink and I had a diet coke and the total bill came to about £25.

A much needed, fabulously girly day out!


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