Red Dog Saloon – Hoxton Square, London

Red Dog Saloon, a taste of Texas in London. From its decor, smokey BBQ-ed meats, and extra large portion sizes, you definitely feel as though you are no longer in London.

I first heard about Red Dog saloon through their Man Vs Food type challenges; The Devastator Challenge and The Hot Wings Challenge.

The Devastator Challenge is a burger made up of 3x 6oz meat patties, 200g pulled pork, 6 rashers of smoked bacon, and 6 slices of cheese. This comes with half a litre of a milkshake, made with five scoops of vanilla ice cream, a basket of fries, and a large side of coleslaw. This all needs to be finished in 10 minutes – and not many have completed the challenge.

After hearing about this I thought I had to try it. The first time I tried to go, they looked at us like we were from another planet when we said we had not booked a table and thought we could just walk in – of course there were no free tables that evening, jeez! So the second time we booked – and I definitely suggest that if you are planning to go, you do the same.

Tables were filled with families and friends drinking jugs of margaritas and eating BBQ meats and burgers.

We ordered (no we weren’t up for The Devastator Challenge) original buffalo wings to start (£4.95).

Back Camera

They came with the skin slightly crisp and smothered in BBQ sauce with soured cream on the side. They tasted like perfection.

For our mains I had the ribs, chicken, collard greens and coleslaw (£16.75).

Back Camera

Back Camera

The coleslaw tasted fresh and it was not creamy at all, which was good. The greens were nice, although a little sour for my liking. The ribs and the chicken were also, perfection. The meat fell off the bone and the spices were great – I guess this is why they advertise themselves as an authentic American BBQ house.

Throughout the evening we would hear alarms go off and people cheering as others around us tried the challenge. Maybe one day I will try it too.

Overall it was a totally awesome night ya’ll (said in honour of our Texan brethren) and I would definitely come again to try some more things from the menu.


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