The Great Roast Dinner #2: Roast Pork Shoulder with Fennel

For our last house dinner as the four of us, Glenn, Nathan, Hannah and I decided for a roast dinner at home. We wanted to treat ourselves, so where else to go but The Ginger Pig to get a good piece of meat. So Hannah and I made our way to the Borough Market branch.




The Ginger Pig have all free-range, fresh meats, that are all farmed in the UK. The butcher that we spoke to was great. We explained to him that we wanted to make roast pork for 4 people (£20) and he recommended the pork shoulder, recommended the size, explained how long to cook it for, and gave us some ideas for spices to add.

Next we went to Elsley and Bent, also in Borough Market, for some vegetables to go with the dish. They have beautiful fruit and vegetables and are a family run business that started in 1911. Once I figured out how I was going to cook the pork, I decided that we would use some garlic, onions, fennel, potatoes, carrots and green beans.


Tower Hamlets-20130528-00667

I cut up a whole fennel, a red onion, and 3 cloves of garlic then placed it on the tray and laid the pork joint on top. The Ginger Pig had already scoured the skin, which was perfect because without the right knife, this can be difficult. This made it easier to rub the sea salt into the scours and all over the joint.

Tower Hamlets-20130528-00665

I pre-heated the oven to 150 and put the pork on the bed of fennel, onions, garlic in to slow cook for 4 hours.

An hour before the pork was ready, I started on the potatoes. I par-boil my potatoes, then when I strain out the water, I fluff them up. These fluffed up bits will crisp up to perfection in the oven. Next, I use olive oil, a couple pinches of flour, salt and pepper to very lightly over the potatoes. I sprinkled the juices from the meat over the potatoes before I then stick them in the oven with the meat for 45 minutes.

Tower Hamlets-20130528-00669

Next I put the carrots in the tray with the pork for 30 minutes.


10 minutes before the pork is done I stir fry the green beans with finely chopped garlic, a sprinkle of chicken stock, salt and pepper.


And the timer goes to take everything out the oven!



Nathan did the carving up as I served it up, et voila!



A great way to end the 2 years and 3 months of the four of us living together in the passage as one big family.

Glenn, you will be missed in the passage for sure. It will not be the same without your 17 sneezes in a row and singing in the shower. I wish you the best in your next step in life. I am sure you and Tess will make a beautiful home together.


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